Emanuel Baptist Church

Gathering & Location

We meet at 4:00 PM on Sundays in the Emmanuel Baptist Church building, which they graciously allow us to use.

Families can bring children to Second Mile Kids as early as 3:45PM.

Time - 4:00 PM

Location - 1825 N Alvernon Way Tucson, AZ 85712

To Radically Amplify Jesus

What is Second Mile?

Second Mile is a church that desires to radically amplify Jesus by engaging and loving the people in our lives, the city where we live, and the world Jesus came to redeem. To do that, we have identified five core concepts that we value.

Prayer Prayer
Truth Truth
Community Community
Cultivate Cultivate
Amplify Amplify
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Our Community

Second Mile is more than a Sunday gathering; it’s people sharing life with one another. Our desire is to grow, share, support, and serve together.

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Gathering & Worship

Second Mile gives individuals the opportunity to join a community of faith in the celebration and worship of a good and sovereign God. Our focus is Jesus who gives us life, freedom, purpose, and hope. We engage the Bible with a deep desire to find joy and life transformation. Music and corporate singing are vital to the declaration of a living Savior. Time is spent in prayer, as a community, to converse with God and to intercede for others. Every week communion is available in order to remember the sacrifice and victory that took place in the death and resurrection of Jesus. God’s story of restoration is more fully understood when we experience His presence as the gathered church.

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